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JA DELMAS is the exclusive dealer in Western Africa of Sleipner® tracked equipment transport units (dozers, excavators, drills). Our purpose is to offer a total mobility solution to minimize your maintenance costs while increasing your productivity on both CAT and non-CAT fleet.

Discover the Sleipner range in video :


Benefits of the Sleipner range


  • Increased travel speed over 80%  (maximum 15 km / h)
  • It only takes a few minutes to back the machine into the Sleipner unit
  • Faster dispatch of your production machines on site 


  • Reduced undercarriage maintenance time by at least 50%
  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


  • Transport of the machine can be interrupted at any time by lowering the tracks which are only about 40 cm off the ground  
  • Automatic parking brakes keep the Sleipner units in place when not in use
  • The machine is firmly towed into the bed of the truck thanks to hydraulic pressure


  • Sleipner units are designed and built to last (1 year warranty)
  • They are systematically offered with on-site training, and assitance during the assembly and commissioning phases 

Moreover JA Delmas is at your side for servicing your Sleipner units when needed, even though they require almost zero maintenance. 

Our Sleipner units range

  •  « E –series » for  excavators

Available for excavators between  20 and 565 tonnes


VISUEL E-series


All brochures available for our machines  E50E90, E120E190E250E310 and  E400 !

  •  « DB-series » for dozers and drills

Available for dozers and drill up to 120 tonnes 




In order to better define the best Sleipner solution, please fill in the attached initial questionnaire (click on the link) and send it back to us at sleipner@jadelmas.com

Want to know more ?

Please contact your dealer  or send your request at sleipner@jadelmas.com for a complete assessment of your needs and a solution that matches your request.

Please visit the following www.sleipner.fi for more detailed information on the Sleipner range as well as testmonials from customers around the globe.